About us

Starting point

The starting point for the construction of the residential area for tourists was love for the ancestral location, local beauty and tranquil lifestyle in the village.

Furnished houses

The complex consists of five furnished houses called VISSALA and they are named after the location where they have been constructed. In ancient Greek, “vissala” meant “broken tiles” from an industry of that time. The houses are independent and furnished. They are made of wood and stone and have roofs of tiles, according to the architecture of the traditional residences of the mountainous Lefkada.

Swimming pools

Each house has its own swimming pool as well as private parking space with a direct access from the provincial road. The estate lies in the limits of the forest, in the virgin landscape of the mountainous part of Hortata, one of the most picturesque villages with a view from Cefalonia and Ithaka to Paxoi and Corfu, close to the well-known beaches of the west Lefkada with the magnificent sunsets of the Ionian islands.

The village

The village Hortata, with a population of approximately 100 residents combines all the specifications of a contemporary alternative – mild tourism all year round. At an altitude of 625 meters from the surface of the sea, it offers the cool and relaxation of a green mountain with the alternative ways of sports besides the sea activities and the enjoyable dives on the nearby beaches (Egremnoi, Porto Katsiki, Sesoula, Gialos, Kathisma, Milos, Pefkoulia, Aghios Nikitas etc), which are some of the most beautiful worldwide.


Vissala, being easily accessible thanks to the bridge that joins the island with the mountainous Greece, the undersea tunnel of Aktio – Preveza as well as the airport of Aktio, makes it an ideal recreation destination both in spring (direct connection with the dream beaches of the west Greece) and winter (abundancy in forests, hunting, rural tourism). Our goal is the creation of an original attraction of a quality type of tourism.